Analyst (Graduate)

After completing my Masters degree I wanted to join an organisation where I could get my teeth into some work that really mattered. I was also drawn to the potential of travel and I’ve been lucky enough to have opportunities to travel. The recruitment process did take a long time… But it has to, because they want intelligent, dedicated and trustworthy people for the job... And you’re not going to find that out about someone from an hour’s interview and a copy of their CV. My friends who were my referees still say the vetting process was the oddest thing they’ve ever done... having to answer sometimes quite personal questions about me. I started here as bit of a blank canvas… But with the help of some extremely clever people, who are very generous with their knowledge… plus lots of training… I’m now considered an expert in my particular field. There aren’t many jobs where you’ll see something on the 10 o’clock news and know that what you’ve planned for the next day has to go out of the window… but this is definitely one of them. And there are even fewer jobs where you get a heads up during your normal working day about what’ll be on the evening news. Working here’s all about having the right attitude. Skills can be taught and knowledge learnt… but it’s essential that you’re willing to learn. And you need the tenacity to keep attacking a puzzle until you solve it. It’s a sort of imaginative persistence that’s often the key to solving a problem. And as an Analyst you often work independently… so you have to be meticulously thorough and precise in your work, so you don’t miss something vital. The most enjoyable aspect of working here is the people I work with. I think I’d be hard pressed to find a team of people I like and respect as much. Having good people around you, who you can rely on to do their job well… and who help you do yours to the best of your ability… really makes a difference. A good team’s greater than the sum of its individual members… and I’ve been very lucky over the years to work in some excellent teams, on some really interesting projects.

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