Capability Developer

I applied to join because I wanted to work for an organisation whose purpose was to make a difference in the world. The recruitment process was long and a little mysterious… I only heard back once in a while and didn’t know what was coming next. But I realised that the vetting was necessary to protect the organisation and its assets. As soon as I joined, I noticed that the atmosphere here is so much better than other places I’ve worked. The work’s interesting and I’m surrounded by people who have infectious enthusiasm. There’s a real sense of team spirit and loyalty… And this teamwork’s vital… A typical project requires a wide set of skills and no single individual would have them all. I really enjoy the chance to use the latest available technology… and to create new technology to solve problems quickly and meet urgent requirements. It’s inspiring to be around other people who share the same passion for technology. The sensitive nature of our work… and the procedures you need to go through to protect it… can sometimes present a challenge. But the biggest challenge… and one of the best aspects of the job for me… is that it’s totally unpredictable. You often have to quickly develop new skills to meet urgent requirements... And you get all the training you need to do the job… I’ve had a mix of training in computer science theory and any programming languages I’ve needed. It’s certainly never boring!

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