Computer Network Operations

I've been in the Computer Network Operations role for almost a year now and it's one of the best decisions I've made. I attended the Cyber Insiders Summer School, which gave me an insight into some of the technologies used by GCHQ and a chance to chat with people who worked in the area I was interested in - this was really helpful in helping me decide what to do after uni. The work I do here is challenging, fast-paced, and varied. I engage with new technologies, learning where required, to address problems and tasks as they arrive. Having a willingness to develop new skills, and solve new problems, is vital. With this comes a real sense of responsibility in the work I’m given. Right from the start I have been involved in making decisions, and have had responsibility for tasks that have real world impact. I have had plenty of training opportunities and I’m supported by my manager to dedicate time to my personal development – this has really helped me keep my skills up to date. The team I work in is full of experts who are on hand to help out - providing knowledge and advice not just to newer team members, but anyone interested - time spent around a whiteboard is not uncommon! As an employer GCHQ provides me with the flexibility I need to balance my work and home life. Flexitime means work hours can fit around my day, and I can do my job without having to worry about working the exact same hours, be stuck in the morning commute, or the evening traffic when going home. I’m trusted to get the job done in my own way. Choosing this role was an excellent decision - the workplace, the people, and the work itself are just a few reasons why.

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