Cyber Security Analyst (Graduate)

I went to a short recruitment talk at my university. Talking to the speaker I felt that working here would be enjoyable and stress-free. There’s no other place in the UK that offers the type of work that’s done here… or the freedom to do it. It was a long recruitment process. I was happy to be accepted, but I was slightly concerned about the vetting process... Turns out I had nothing to worry about… It all went smoothly and they explained themselves and the process thoroughly. It can be quite daunting coming in here. I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t be good enough! I also thought I’d have to tread carefully to avoid breaking the rules. Turns out I shouldn’t have been worried at all. There’s an expectation that you’ll be ready and willing to learn lots… which I was. And I was quickly brought up to speed by my team, who were extremely supportive. Once you’re vetted you’re trusted by everyone. And once you get inside the building, you find the work environment’s similar to any other. Information flows freely and everyone’s willing to help and chat about what they might be working on. The particular work I’m involved in is technically detailed… and it can be extremely challenging. So when you overcome a particular problem or challenge, there’s a great sense of achievement. Things move fast too… so we’re faced with new challenges or problems every day. Some days I have to learn a lot of information on a particular subject … but learning’s part of the job. With training courses and conferences in the UK and abroad, I haven’t stopped learning in the two years I’ve been here... And my technical skills have been pushed to the limit, too. I’ve used a wide range of technologies and systems… and I’ve been able to introduce new technology and methods to my team. I think, as a graduate, the most important skill you need is the ability and willingness to learn. You’re learning from day one and it doesn’t stop. If you have that drive and interest in technology, plus the ability to adapt, you’ll love the environment here.

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