Finance Analyst

I moved to the Cheltenham area, so the location and ease of access was a big attraction for me. But I also thought the opportunity to contribute to society and help with the national good would be rewarding. Once I’d applied, the recruitment process was relatively quick, although the vetting process took around 6 months. When I joined, I discovered a great work environment and a good atmosphere here. And you’re working with lots of like-minded people, which makes it a very rewarding place to be. Because there are so many people – thousands of them – working here, you’d think it would be difficult to get to know many of them. But it’s a very friendly work place and it’s amazing how many people you do get to know – and how quickly. The work that we do makes us very different to other organisations. That means there can sometimes be big challenges, like understanding the corporate processes. But there are also advantages. For example, I’ve taken some of the courses available, which cover skills such as Excel, as well as CPD courses. And they also offer study support for professional accountancy qualifications. One of the main advantages is that you’re encouraged to transfer into different areas of the department. I was quite surprised at how easy it would be for me to move around teams.

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