Finance Officer

Honestly, I was really surprised by what it’s like to work here. I was expecting it to be really serious and for everyone to just keep their heads down and work but I was completely wrong. Yes, we all do take it seriously but there’s a real sense of community. More so than any other organisation I’ve worked in before. I think it’s because we’re all working for the same goal. And the location too - it’s created a real community that’s really enjoyable to be a part of. And I think that community feel comes from the fact that we’re all contributing to something really important. Regardless of where you are in the organisation, you’re a part of helping the mission in some way and that’s a good feeling. It creates a surprisingly open environment, where you’re able to talk to people about what they do and attend some really interesting briefings and see how finance can have a real impact on the organisation. I also really enjoy how, in terms of the work we do, it’s really diverse… there’s enough flexibility to move around. I think I might have had to move organisations if I worked somewhere else but here I have been able to stay with the same employer and have real variety, and the organisation has always helped me by giving me the right training for wherever I wanted to go. Before I joined, I definitely had the potential but now I’m more developed and I’m able to do something with my skills.

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