Personal Assistant

With us being a large organisation, the atmosphere is great. There’s a real buzz to it and with it being all open plan there’s always a friendly and collaborative feel to the place. Which helps when you’re thinking about your own career because you’re able to shadow people… there’s mentoring systems which are very good. I often sit down and have a chat with my line manager to see how well I’m doing and how I can advance my skills. If I do need any training, there are always opportunities inside and outside of the business to do so. There’s so much variety, and that’s what really made me want to work here. It’s an organisation that can offer a lot of job opportunities, so if I want a change, I can do that without having to get another job. It also means I can develop myself and get a variety of skills. Of course, the flexible working hours were appealing too. Once I was in, I was pleasantly surprised by the layout of the office. You have to be aware of people’s work space more than anywhere else but it’s got some nice little spots like break out areas and pods, coffee areas and a deli, restaurant and tuck shops. The recruitment process was quite long. It took about four months in total, and of course there was the vetting process too but I was relaxed about all that. I didn’t feel like there was anything that I felt uncomfortable about answering. It can take a long time to do, but I was able to get in touch about my application, so I was never left in the dark.

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