Customer Relationship Manager

I previously worked for the forces, so I was attracted to GCHQ by the salary and the terms and conditions of service… as well as the opportunities for overseas travel. My background in the forces was an advantage during the recruitment process because I already held Developed Vetting clearances… which made it fairly straightforward. I work in a business area that principally supports other areas of the government and the MOD. For some of these customers we have to develop state of the art solutions… while for others, we’re still supporting very old legacy systems. The nature of our work means that teamwork is vital… there’s a definite ethos of pulling together. I joined in 1983… back then, Morse code was one of the major forms of world communications. Obviously, since then the telecoms industry has evolved incredibly quickly and, as well as spending a lot of time on training courses sometimes in very specialised areas… I’ve also been supported for further education. I think the thing I most enjoy about working here is that the work has a definite sense of purpose. And the working conditions are very flexible… particularly when you bear in mind that we deal with customers and have to be there for them when they need us.

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