IT Service Management

I was looking for variety, job security and the chance to develop my skills. And that’s what I’ve found throughout my career here. I’ve worked in several different roles in extremely different areas, which has given me a real variety of knowledge. It might be surprising to some, but I had relatively limited IT skills before moving into my current area – they are something I’ve gained over time. When you start out, and your colleagues are more technically capable than you, it’s challenging. I know from experience. But I had plenty of support and on-the-job training, and that transformed me into one of the most experienced people in the team. That’s one of the most surprising things really. People’s skill levels really are varied. We’re not all brainiacs, constantly working on code. We work on a huge range of things. Each process here has a very good reason behind it – even if that’s not clear at first. So at first, I didn’t understand why the recruitment and vetting process had to take so long. But since being offered a job here and working in several roles, I understand the timeframes and can see why they’re so important. All of the training I’ve had has been eye opening. It’s allowed me to become better at my job and also to offer guidance to others. And apart from the technical side, there’s personal training – which helps you to work to the best of your abilities. I’ve started managerial training now, so I can get the best from my team too. I think that a willingness to learn is the most important thing. I regularly use technology at home, and I love playing with new operating systems and software. At work, we’re often briefed on the latest technology that’s being used. It’s essential to keep up to date with anything that might affect my work, so I always make an effort to go to these sessions.

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