Procurement Lead

I was new to the procurement profession, so my learning curve’s been quite a steep one. The good thing is that your development is very much supported here. The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply training programme has been a big plus for me. And when you’ve got a very supportive manager helping you out too, it makes things even better. There’s no doubt that the work is challenging – that’s because it’s so important. But the people here make a difference and get things done. You can feel there’s a good team spirit throughout, and I’ve I kept in touch with the people I joined with. I’ve made some great working relationships here that have been really beneficial. And the social side of working here is a definite bonus – there’s a very positive approach to getting the work/life balance right. You can’t deny that working here is a little different, but I think that in many ways it’s more enjoyable because of that. You’re certainly very aware of the security aspects. The vetting process did take a long time, so it was good that I was prepared for that from the start. After all the training, I’ve a got much greater understanding of my role and how I fit in to the organisation as a whole. I knew good procurement was important here. But I’d say I was surprised to see just how vital our work is – and how driven everyone is to achieve good value for money.

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