Project Management Practitioner

I was attracted because it was a local employer that offered flexibility and opportunities for progression. As a new mum who’d given up a good career and a senior role, I saw it as a place where I could restart and rebuild my career. I hadn’t had a formal interview for almost ten years and the recruitment process was pretty detailed… but it put me at my ease. The clearance process was pretty daunting… and it seemed to take forever. There wasn’t much in the way of information about where I was in the process or how much longer things would take, so it was quite frustrating at times. My first assignment was outside my comfort zone, without throwing me too much in at the deep end. I’d been out of Project Management for a number of years… But the network of PMs gave me support… and there were training courses to refresh my skills and ensure I was heading in the right direction… so it all helped to build my confidence coming back into the work environment. The range of opportunities here offers the chance for continued development. I’ve already had to adapt to delivering using an Agile framework… while feeding into PRINCE 2 methodologies… And Systems Engineers provided oversight and governance along the way, just to add to the challenges. It’s a big challenge to mix and match these different methodologies in a way that gives your customers and colleagues confidence in what you’re doing. But I really enjoy the variety and flexibility… And there’s lots of training available to help you. As well as formal classroom based courses in Project Management, Communications and Risk, I’ve gained PRINCE 2 certification. And you also have informal briefings and workshops on other areas and the work they do… These really helped me to understand the culture and way we do things here. It’s a relaxed and friendly place… and it’s a pleasure coming to work in the mornings. There’s much less stress and moaning than other places I’ve worked... although maybe I just haven’t seen or heard this yet!

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