Project Manager

I was attracted by the career prospects, which seemed to offer variety and lots of possibilities in a dynamic work environment… it seemed to offer new challenges. The recruitment process was fairly daunting. All the way through I wasn’t really sure how many stages there were or how long it would take… which made it quite difficult to plan. I understand the reasons for that now… But at the time it was hard being asked to accept a job offer before the vetting process, when you had no real idea how long that would take… or whether your own circumstances might change in that time. I really enjoy working with so many different teams and groups… And I get to work with a lot of external stakeholders too… It’s a really good way to understand how we’re perceived. Internally, as a Project Manager, I get a lot of support… There are plenty of training courses to keep your PM qualifications up-to-date. And there are regular networking and information sharing sessions... It means you can always benefit from your seniors, share with your peers, and help develop trainees and new joiners. The biggest challenge for me is working on technical projects and trying to get to grips with a level of information and interaction I’ve never experienced before. But there’s a lot of support for non-techies… and I’m appreciated for the skills that I do bring to the table. You just need to be adaptable and willing to work with a variety of PM methodologies. The work atmosphere’s very different to previous places I’ve worked in… which takes a bit of getting used to. There’s definitely a technical engineering focus to the work… and the atmosphere varies from team to team. Some are more dynamic than others, depending on the nature of their work… so there’s something to suit everyone. Before I joined I didn’t really understand how the different security organisations worked together… or even if they were interconnected. So for me, seeing the increasing levels of interaction… drawing on the strengths of all the organisations… is really refreshing and encouraging. And you work with so many different kinds of people… It really does cover the entire spectrum of personalities and skills… which means you can always find someone to answer any question you could possibly think of!

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