Software Engineer

The reason I wanted to work here was because firstly, I found the job interesting and secondly, the focus of the job was about doing something good. So I decided to apply, and I found the whole recruitment process to be OK. The vetting did take some time, but generally I had a good experience. Since then, I’ve actually being quite surprised at how normal it is to work here. A lot of what I do is using industry best practice, so what other people in my industry should do every day. In terms of technology, it’s quite similar to working at a FTSE 100 company doing software engineering. But I like the way I’m able to use the latest technologies to solve problems. In fact, I’ve been exposed to systems with different technologies that I had to up-skill on… but I was able to learn from the other people here and technical training courses available to me. Coming to work here, it’s so helpful if you’re able to pick up new skills quickly. As we’re working with the latest technologies, I find it important to stay up-to-date so I use internet news feeds, do reading outside of work and I often take advantage of our internal on-line technical library of books. As I’ve already said, I had to go on training courses, but it was great because I was able to learn out of a work environment. I’ve done courses in Software development in C, C++, Java, Enterprise Java, Design Patterns, Unix and Linux… Which has definitely helped me in my role. So for example, I have to do things such as deliver software components of a large scale and complexity into an environment that’s always changing while complying with legal and policy frameworks. All the while delivering value to the customer and keeping them happy. It’s a real challenge but I do enjoy it.

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