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Let’s open it up

The university bursary has now closed for applications.

Over the last few years, we have run a massively successful CYBERFIRST DEGREE APPRENTICESHIP which has produced high calibre graduates vital to our organisation. However, the world is constantly shifting, and the cyber security landscape constantly evolving.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the scheme continues to deliver the critical edge in capability that it has to date, we are pausing the CyberFirst Apprenticeship to allow us to take stock and review all our early in careers options. It is our intention that the review will be completed in time to restart the scheme with a 2024 campaign, so keep an eye out on our careers website!

Cyber security protects everything. From your money to your whereabouts. It keeps your calls and voice notes private. But that’s not all. It also keeps technology and communications secure in hospitals, airports, banks and more.

And the job opportunities are incredible. It's great if you are into coding or computer science, however if you are not you can still have an amazing career in a technical or non-technical role. The potential salary is great, too.

Our university bursary will help you get started in the cyber world – a growing community of all genders, cultures, backgrounds and experiences – united by one important mission: to protect the UK.

What is CyberFirst

CyberFirst is a government outreach and education programme run by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC); part of GCHQ. Together with our government and industry partners, we’re training the next generation of cyber security specialists.

Is the bursary 2023 campaign right for me?

Tell us a little about yourself, and we'll confirm if now is the time to apply for the university bursary.

Will you be at least 17 by February 2024?

You’re not old enough to take on our apprenticeships and degree bursaries yet, but if you’re interested in cyber security, take a look at our other opportunities.

Do you have either British citizenship or dual nationality status?

To be eligible to apply, you must be a British citizen. One of your parents must be a British citizen or must have nationality or citizenship from our approved list of countries.

Will you have achieved or be predicted to achieve BBB at A level (or the equivalent of 120 UCAS points) by September 2024?

It looks like you should take a look at our degree apprenticeship.

Are you about to start or already at university, with at least two years of study left to go in September 2024?

Fantastic! It looks like you should take a look at our university bursary.

Are you applying for and plan to be accepted onto a UK university course starting in Autumn 2024?

It looks like you should take a look at our university bursary. Don’t forget though – you can also earn your degree on our degree apprenticeship and you can apply for both programmes.

Are you interested in getting your degree, but open to achieving it through combined work and study on an apprenticeship?

If you aren’t applying for uni yet, and you don’t want to take on an apprenticeship, take a look at our other early opportunities.

Hooray! You’re eligible for both our university bursary and our degree apprenticeship, and you can apply for either or both.

Let’s bust some myths

You have to be a coder to apply.

False! We ask for an aptitude for tech and the will to learn, but you don’t have to know how to code. If you’re a beginner, why not start with the NCSC’s cyber glossary?

Only hackers work in cyber security.

False! From project managers to legal experts to technical writers, cyber security is home to all kinds of vital non-technical roles.

Cyber security is essential to day‑to‑day life in the UK.

True! Whether it’s protecting flight paths, securing bank accounts, or preventing power outages, cyber security protects every aspect of modern life.

Cyber security is a recent fad; not a stable career path.

False! The more we rely on tech, the more we need cyber security. It’s a sector growing fast – where cyber skills are in high demand.

Cyber Security is an inclusive Industry.

True! We are an inclusive network of employers who value diversity in all forms therefore we welcome people of any ethnicity, gender identities, sexuality, neurodiversity.

My interpersonal skills will matter in cyber security.

True! Your interpersonal skills will be vital here. If you can take a tricky concept and make it simple, or talk easily to all kinds of people, you’ll do well.

I could work with all kinds of businesses through CyberFirst.

True! We’re a government scheme but we partner with a range of government and industry organisations – from Deloitte to BT; IBM to the Bank of England – so you’re starting a career with huge potential.

It’s difficult to apply for CyberFirst.

False! Because we’re a government scheme, there are a few more steps – like security clearance – but we’ll support you and make it a straightforward process.

I can apply for both the bursary and the apprenticeship.

False! The degree apprenticeship is currently paused, so we are only taking applications for the bursary this year.