About GCHQ

Hackers. Terrorism. Organised crime.
We use unique technologies against a range of threats.

Our mission

The internet is a part of everybody’s lives. But while it benefits millions of people, it also increases the threats we all face.

Our Mission is to keep Britain safe. We bring intelligence and technology together to counter increasingly sophisticated threats. GCHQ intelligence helps keep our forces safe, prevents terrorism and crime and protects against cyber attack.

It takes all sorts of different people in different roles to help us to do that. Some are linguists; others are mathematicians. Some work in cryptography; others in project management. Some have PhDs, others have A-levels. Some of them have worked in this field before; others haven’t come close. Put simply, everyone here is different. What unites us is our dedication to providing intelligence, protecting information and informing relevant policy to keep UK society safe, secure and successful.

Complex technology to combat complex threats

The online threats that the UK faces every day are many and varied. Cyber criminals, terrorists, hackers, fraudsters, organised criminal gangs… all are using ever more sophisticated technology. And as the UK government’s appointed experts in cyber security, we’re constantly developing innovative ways to combat them.

It’s complex, technically challenging work that demands a broad mix of dedicated people. People who enjoy tackling interesting and varied projects. People with the creative intellect and energy to develop unique solutions. And people with a commitment to safeguarding existing systems and protecting against evolving threats.

100 years of protecting the UK

GCHQ’s origins lie in the naval and military signals intelligence teams during the First World War. Their success led to the establishment of the Government Code & Cypher School (GC&CS) on 1 November 1919.

In 1939, with another war on the horizon, GC&CS relocated to Bletchley Park. Here, our teams laid the foundations for modern computing and produced intelligence that saved thousands of allied lives. At the end of the war, we officially changed our name to GCHQ and have continued our ground-breaking work, including developing Public Key Cryptography, the basis for all secure online transactions, in the 1970s.

After 100 years, our work is still based on teamwork, innovative thinking and our ability to adapt to new challenges. In an increasingly digital world, we continue to work together with a clear purpose: to protect the UK against a variety of threats.

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