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Specialist Roles

Specialist roles with purpose

Our specialist roles cover a wide range of subjects, problems and areas. So if you’re interested in developing your knowledge and skills while learning new things, you’ll fit right in. Discover more about our specialist roles.

Knowledge & Information Management

Working closely with experts in technology, security and policy, we make sure all information is dealt with correctly.

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Language Specialists

We translate, interpret and contextualise foreign intelligence, providing reports with real purpose.

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Mathematics & Cryptography

Our mathematicians use a variety of techniques across many disciplines to shape everything from cyber security to mobile communications.

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I add so much value – and I get so much back."

I graduated with a degree in Russian so I wanted to make the most of my skills. At GCHQ, my skills go even further than I thought! There’s so much more to the role than traditional translation. You’re really involved with the technical and analytical side of things. It means I’ve got a lot of responsibility and add a lot of value to investigations. I also love the importance that’s placed on learning. We’re given dedicated days to keep up with cultural influences and developments in language. It means I understand sources in a wider context and can uncover more reliable intelligence.