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Technical Roles

Technical Roles with purpose

Most of our work revolves around tech. So it’s no surprise that our technical roles have such a huge impact. And they’ll also offer you the chance to get creative. We’ll really value how you solve unique problems in your own unique way. Discover more about our technical roles.

Computer Network Operations

Our specialists are at the cutting edge of our capabilities, operating in creative ways in hostile environments.

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Technology, Engineering & Research

Our technologists and engineers use sophisticated software, hardware and brand-new IT systems to help other teams to carry out their operations.

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Information Assurance

We provide helpful advice to the government, the private sector and the general public on how to use tech in the best way possible.

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Our analysts get to grips with lots of data and produce reports that shape foreign policy and national security.

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Tech Talent Network

If you are a tech professional with three years or more industry experience and are interested in joining us, but haven’t seen a role for your skillset, then the Tech Talent Network could be perfect for you. As a Network member, you’ll receive unique insights into our work and our intelligence partners, MI5 and MI6, through exclusive content and job alerts tailored to your area of expertise.

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I’m free to try new things and better myself."

I’ve always loved taking things to pieces to see how they work, so it was a natural choice to study Electronic Engineering at uni. I always thought it would take me into quite a ‘traditional’ engineering job, but then I realised I’d get so much more at GCHQ. I like to write code and get stuck into the detail, but I also think like our adversaries and focus on long-term strategy. It’s the best of both worlds. It gives my skills real purpose and my potential is genuinely appreciated and valued. I’m also free to prioritise my own workload and do as much training as I like. It’s really empowering.