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GCHQ provides IT capabilities for a wide range of Government Organisations and we also partner with the IT industry. Our staff are based all across the country. In fact, half of new joiners will be based in central London and half will be based at our other sites, including our Cheltenham HQ. So, if you want to develop a unique IT career in the UK, this is the place for you.

Roles & responsibilities

IT Infrastructure Engineering

Because our business is always evolving, we tackle challenging customer requirements. So you’ll design, implement, support and maintain a complex, reliable and advanced IT infrastructure. And you’ll work collaboratively with well-known vendors such as CISCO and JUNIPER.

IT Service Management

We need to make sure that everyone has the right IT resources and can work effectively across the business. So you’ll help us implement and manage quality IT capabilities.

We have a diverse range of IT Service Management roles supporting the lifecycle of our infrastructure, including: First Line Support, Problem Management and IT Availability.

What our people say

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