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Knowledge & Information Management

We deal with a lot of data and information, so it’s important that we manage and protect it properly. Using pioneering techniques and working closely with experts in technology, security and policy, we make sure all information is dealt with correctly. You’ll have the chance to either focus on a specialism or to take on more varied projects.

Roles & responsibilities

KIM Advisory & Archives

Liaising with many different teams, we help with customer enquiries and provide technical support. You’ll help to give support to users with queries relating to physical records, the lifecycle of records or anything else related to information access management.

Web & Social Business

Managing information is crucial to our work. So we support users by offering advice on how to host information and reach specific audiences. You’ll also focus on enhancing the functionality and user experience of our intranet. It’s something that’ll empower everyone across GCHQ to easily collaborate.

Records & Information Management

These roles are embedded across the business and ensure that records management systems are fit for purpose. You’ll be the first point of contact in your area and deliver excellent training. You’ll also work with other teams to develop effective systems and answer complex queries.

Secure Information Management

We provide helpful frameworks, guidance and tools to make sure that our information is being securely managed. And we also help other people to develop their own understandings. It’s all about promoting a culture of sharing and collaboration – while developing your own skills along the way.

Information Legislation

Other government departments often need advice on how to respond to requests and how to guide staff on information legislation matters. In these roles, you’ll give this valuable support. You’ll also lead on the review of historical files intended for public release and interpret the law and policy.

Information Assurance

Our information managers work closely with our policy and technical communities, including those developing systems design principles. You’ll embed effective information management and “data protection by design” at every level. Essentially, you’ll influence how information is managed across large, sensitive and complex data volumes.

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