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Mathematics & Cryptography

Our mathematicians shape everything from cyber security to mobile communications. We use a variety of techniques across many disciplines to solve complex problems. Using specialised architecture, we write highly optimised algorithms and get the most out of computing.

Roles & responsibilities

Mathematics and Applied Cryptography

We need to understand how cryptographic technologies are used in everyday life, and analyse weaknesses at a product, protocol, system or hardware level. So you’ll combine mathematical ideas with computer security skills, and you’ll apply a range of cryptanalytic techniques to understand potential weaknesses.

Cryptographic Security

We lead UK research into public key cryptography, and we provide consultation on its application in government systems. Working closely with our customers, you might design bespoke algorithms or protocols or secure systems. You’ll work with pure mathematic problems and apply quantum systems engineering principles to cryptographic thinking.

Data Science and Information Processing

We design and implement applications of state-of-the-art machine learning and graph analysis techniques. By discovering patterns and building statistical models, we enhance data processing and pattern recognition. You’ll often work with unrecognised or corrupted data, so you’ll bring together mathematical modelling with a curious mindset.

Maths and Cryptography Internship and Insight Programmes

Please visit our Early Careers page to find out about our Maths and Cryptography Internship, and to test your skills with our sample Maths Internship questions. You’ll also find details of our shorter summer Maths and Cryptography Insight Programme.

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