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Computer Network Operations

Our specialists are at the cutting edge of our capabilities, operating in creative ways in hostile environments. They infiltrate terrorists’ computers, helping to defend our cyber world. It’s all about using technical skills in unique ways. There are also other non-technical roles that rely on solving problems and analysing how people communicate.

Roles & responsibilities

Cyber Operations Roles

You’ll be part of a team helping to discover and disrupt the plans of terrorists and criminals. This means you’ll infiltrate computers and give us the opportunity to discover vital intelligence. You’ll use bespoke tools - ones you might have even built - to protect our digital borders. So there’s plenty of variety, covering all manner of skills. It’s an opportunity to develop your skills and do things that aren’t possible elsewhere. We’ll really value your individual approach, creative mindset and technical expertise.

Cyber Insights Summer School

On our summer school, you’ll get a unique insight into the technologies we use and the chance to work on your own projects. Through structured teaching and hands-on learning, you’ll get a better understanding of cyber security and computer network operations. You’ll also learn new techniques and technical skills, as well as getting interview guidance and advice on your softer skills.

Tech Talent Network

If you have a tech background and you are interested in joining us, but you’re not ready to apply yet, then our Tech Talent Network may be perfect for you. As a member, you’ll get access to exclusive content and events, along with job alerts tailored to your area of expertise.

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