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Information Assurance

We provide helpful advice on how to use tech in the best way possible and we’re there to help when things go wrong. We support the government, the private sector and the general public. Our experts understand threats and know how to explain them to others, so it’s a combination of tech expertise and people skills.

Roles & responsibilities

Information Security Advisors

Our advisors use their analytical, decision-making and communication skills to provide sound advice. It’s about assessing how different technologies manage information, as well as developing policies for government departments and suppliers. 

System Designers

Working in either our Information Assurance or Technology & Engineering areas, you’ll focus on translating business requirements into sound technical solutions. Importantly, you’ll make sure our technical system architectures are aligned with information assurance principles – with strong security protections built in.

Technical Analysts

We face a variety of technical challenges every day, involving both current and future technologies. You’ll be using specialist analytics tools and techniques to resolve a range of complex problems, so it’s all about combining determination with problem solving skills.

Specialist R&D

Investigating information security issues from a hardware perspective, you’ll focus on microelectronics and field-programmable gate array (FPGA)

Technical R&D

Investigating the latest products and technologies for exploitable vulnerabilities, you'll tackle a variety of highly technical problems. You’ll be working with a variety of architectures, networks, infrastructures, platforms, radio frequencies, biometrics, mobile technologies, PCBs, cryptography and cryptographic applications. And you’ll be valued in either our Information Assurance or Technology & Engineering areas.

Cyber Security and Information Security Specialists

Delivering technical research, advice and consultancy in cyber security, cryptography and risk management, our specialists protect our way of life. It’s a high-profile area where you’ll collaborate with different teams and work with external partners. Using bespoke tools, you’ll find innovative and effective solutions.

Tech Talent Network

If you have a tech background and you are interested in joining us, but you’re not ready to apply yet, then our Tech Talent Network may be perfect for you. As a member, you’ll get access to exclusive content and events, along with job alerts tailored to your area of expertise.

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