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5 reasons why it’s great to work here

5 reasons why it’s great to work here.

At GCHQ we help to keep the country safe. It means the work we offer is unlike any other. Yes, it’s serious stuff. And no, we can’t talk about everything we do. But we’re actually all about freedom.

Let us explain…

1. Free to innovate

We’ll never limit you. Got a personal project? A funky bit of code you’re working on? We’ll give you 10% of your working hours to do just that. It’s not a box ticking exercise, it’s something we really love to let you do.

2. Free to be yourself

We want you to be you. So we have a huge range of groups committed to making sure every single voice is heard. You’ll be respected for your skills and for what you can bring. So don’t worry about living up to any stereotypes – you’re free to be yourself.

3. Free to explore

You’ll have the unique chance to move into other roles and experience new departments. It’s something we encourage, but we understand it can be a little daunting. Which is why we’ll offer a lot of support. Everyone will be more than happy to help – and there really is no such thing as a silly question.

4. Free to learn

We love to share things and tell each other what we’re up to. So everyone learns from one another. It helps build and strengthen support networks. Plus, you’ll be offered all the training you could need to help fulfil your potential.

5. Free to live life

It’s important that you feel focused and motivated when you come to work, which is why we’re such big believers of flexible working. It’s makes everyday things that bit easier – like finishing early for a doctor’s appointment. When you have a say in how you work, you’ll be ready to get the most out of work.

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