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Diversity and Inclusion - Don't just fit in

Ah, the first day of a new job.

It’s all pretty nerve-racking for Cody.

Especially as she’s joining somewhere like GCHQ. Somewhere that protects the UK from threats.

You just want things to go well.

And to just… fit in. But we don’t want Cody – or anyone else – to just ‘fit in’.

Because whether it’s obvious or not, everyone is different.

And we love that.

We accept people for exactly who they are.

And we thrive on different personalities. It means we don’t just work in one way. Or do just one thing.

Or have just one team.

Everyone’s different mindsets allow us to think innovatively.

To solve problems creatively.

But no single person knows everything.

So we learn from each other and support one other.

Whether it’s your first day or last day

you wear suits or hoodies,

what you’ve got to say counts. You count.

It’s important to know you’re so valued.

After all, where else does you just being you count for so much?

Where else would you find creative thinkers and curious tinkerers?

Where else would you find multi-lingual speakers and solution seekers?

Where else would you find number crunchers and HR wonders?

And where else would Cody rely on her skills to protect the UK?

GCHQ. With the right mix of minds, anything is possible.