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Life in the Corporate Services team

What does it take to keep the UK safe?

It takes people… lots of them.

From all sorts of technical specialisms.

But first, it takes HR people to find those specialists.

To support them… and help them grow.

We do mission critical work here. So security is essential.

We need people who can protect our staff and our buildings.

Then, in lots of other ways, we’re like any other organisation.

We still need pens, paper, people to keep things organised.

And our administrators help us with everything from filing to diary management.

We need robust systems and processes too… which is why we have a dedicated business support team.

Meanwhile our senior managers have a lot on their plates. So our PAs are invaluable.

A lot of what goes on here is highly complex…

We work closely with other agencies… (like MI5 and MI6) and Government.

Our legal team supports us here, keeping everything on the straight and narrow.

What does it take to keep the UK safe?

It takes HR, security, administrators, business support, PAs and legal experts.

Corporate Services