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Join a significant team of language analysts.

The threats we face come in a variety of languages. So our language analysts use their expert skills every day. As a member of our team, you’ll use your deep knowledge of specific languages to piece together snippets of information collected from a variety of digital communication sources. In the process, you’ll give us invaluable insights into what’s happening, where and when, across the world.

Typically, we recruit people who are fluent in, or native speakers or have degree-level knowledge of Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Mirpuri, Pashto, Punjabi, Russian, Urdu and West African languages. If you are a graduate with a 2:1 degree in two European languages, there are opportunities to retrain in a rare language. Our requirements regularly change so please keep an eye on this website.

If you’re a final year undergraduate in Arabic, Mandarin, Persian or Russian and looking to develop your language skills please check our vacancies page to find out more.


Together with our partners in MI5 and SIS, we're looking for flexible hour linguists who can use their language skills to provide audio transcription and translation to support investigations across all three agencies. For further information and to apply, please click here


Our Language Analysts need to translate material and have excellent cultural knowledge. While it’s fairly complex work, we’re really after your potential. So we’ve designed a few practice materials. They’ll give you an idea of the sort of work we do and help you to realise your potential. If you’re able to understand and complete these tasks, you’ve got the potential we’re after. And you could have a real impact as a Language Analyst at GCHQ.


Grab your headphones and listen to this audio clip.
Can you answer these questions about the clip correctly? Answers below…


Read this article and see if you can answer these questions correctly. Answers below…


Have a go at translating this piece of text. The correct translation is below.


Grab your headphones and see how much of this audio clip you can understand.



Russian answers
Arabic answers and translation
Persian translation

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